Freshfield Hall

Freshfield Hall

The large hall is named after the Freshfield family, who commissioned the building of it as a memorial to Henry Douglas Freshfield, who died aged 14 in 1891.

The hall is suitable for larger events and those that require space, such as jumble sales, public meetings, dance classes, badminton etc. It is also regularly used by the Forest Players, the Ashdown Pantomimers and Forest Row Film Society.

Access is via the main hall lobby on the south front; there is also a non-permanent wheelchair ramp. The hall measures 58 x 22½ feet (17½ x 7m).

Hall towards the stage

The stage is 20 feet deep, and 18 feet wide between the proscenium.

Hall from the stage

The kitchen measures 20 x 9 feet (6 x 3m)

The Freshfield Hall kitchen

There are about 180 plastic stackable chairs, which will soon be replaced by new upholstered ones, for which we are fundraising. If you would like to make a donation, please gift aid it. There are also several large tables, smaller tables and card tables.

There are gentlemen’s toilets, the ladies toilets have been adapted for additional use as a unisex facility for the disabled.

Regular hirers can store equipment in the kitchen or hall subject to availability of cupboard space and management committee approval.

Dressing room, west

Dressing room, east