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Freshfield Hall

Open Contemporary Dance Class

22nd October 2019 @ 10:30am 11:30am

Adult Contemporary Dance & Somatics FOR ALL led by former Professional Contemporary Dancer Emma Cole

Sessions start with a short opportunity for somatic self-connection. We lay down, let go, relax, breath & allow the body to respond to gravity. The intention is to ‘un-do’ our ambient mental & physical tension before we begin. Somatic imagery & felt-sense investigation is offered to enhance this process (EG. the experience of the breath, the weight of the bones etc).

Here is a warm-up example: (PLEASE NOTE: This will be much slower & freshly adapted / simplified to suit the level of the participants.)

This may develop into simpler variations of this kind of thing:

The middle bulk of the session will consist of standing contemporary dance technique exercises to music, similar to this kind of thing:

This may include travelling sequences as we breath, flow, move, glide, roll together in choreographed unison. Some stretching will also be integrated into the warm-up / cool-down movement sequences. 

Experience the thrill of movement expression in unity with others, as an ensemble, as a community. This class draws upon Release-based dance, Cunningham technique. It develops rhythm, co-ordination & mind-body connection. 
No experience necessary – you do not need to be a professional!

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