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JLH Pilates

01342 302895 (voice mail only)||https://jlhpilates.co.uk

Jenny-Louise has 14 years experience teaching Pilates mat work and more recently took the plunge to become a qualified Pilates instructor using studio equipment (Reformer, Cadillac, Step Barrel and Wunda Chair)
Her initial interest in teaching Pilates came about while teaching dance in Spain as a complimentary form of exercise for her pupils. Quickly she became aware that Pilates can benefit people of all ages and fitness levels, as it is not only an excellent way to stay fit but can also be used to prevent injury and as a means of rehabilitation.

Her qualifications include but are not limited to:

Level 3 CYQ Pilates Mat work
Certification in Pilates with Studio Equipment
Certification in Pilates One to One and Postural assessment

Jenny will guide you through every exercise with precision and detail, ensuring you work with correct technique and giving modifications for anyone who may need them. You will follow the basic principles of Pilates such as breath, control, precision, centering and fluidity and receive a whole body experience. Jenny’s classes are aimed to keep you fit through all stages of life particularly for around and after the menopause. One to one sessions are also available.