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Singing Mamas are a national non-profit working across the UK

We’re a movement made up of nurses, doctors, midwives, musicians, teachers and community workers who are all committed to improving the wellbeing of women through singing.

Singing Mamas was started by nurse Kate Valentine in 2010.
Back then, Kate was a mother of young children and singing in a group was how she managed stress, and found connection and joy. When her family relocated to a new area she couldn’t find a choir where her children would be welcome, and like many mothers didn’t have the option of going without them. A friend persuaded her to start a singing group where mothers could bring their little ones and singing mamas was born.

The movement grew by word of mouth. Women heard about this group through friends and wanted to go to one near them. Kate began to train other women in how to step into leadership and build song-sharing communities that improved health and wellbeing. Over the last decade Kate has trained 71 other women to deliver the Singing Mamas approach.