Welcome to the Bookings Page!

If you’re confident with your booking requirements, proceed directly to the booking form (click button below). If you’re not so sure, read on to find out all you need to know about making a booking!

The Bookings Process

A Step-By-Step guide


Choose Your Venue

Choose the best venue for your event!

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The Freshfield Hall

Freshfield Hall

The Freshfield Hall is a large and bright hall, accommodating a maximum of 190 people, has a performance stage, changing rooms, and a kitchen.

Peter Griffits Hall

Peter Griffits Hall

The Peter Griffits Hall is a medium sized hall with excellent lighting! It has a kitchen, and can accommodate a maximum of 130 people.

Committee Room

Committee Room

Also known as the “British Legion Room”, this venue is suited for small meetings or lectures, accommodating approximately 15 people.


Confirm the Hire Tariffs

Hire tariffs depend on the venue.

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Make sure that you are aware of the Village Hall hire tariffs, and any extras you require (e.g. use of the kitchen).

If you’d like to have an estimate for your potential booking, please use our “Hire Estimator”:


Check Date & Time availability

Scheduled events per venue.

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For your chosen venue, check that the date and times you’d like to book the hall are available. Booking times are a minimum of 1.5 hours, and thereafter in 15 min increments.


Complete the Booking Form

The details of your event.

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The booking form requires venue, date and time, hirers information, details of the event, and agreement of the Village Hall Rules & Regulations.


Confirmation & Payment

Payment is required prior to your event.

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Upon receipt of the booking form, the hall manager will verify all details, send confirmation, as well as request payment. Full payment, plus a returnable deposit is required before your event can be fully confirmed.


Website & Event Promotion

Help with promoting your event!

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If your event is public, you will be asked for event details that can be uploaded to the Village Hall Events Calendar. This will include an image, description, contact information, external website links (e.g. Facebook), etc.
You will also be asked if you’d like to feature your event. Basically, a featured event is one which gets greater visibility through the online activities of the Village Hall. Specifically this includes: (i) Your event gets a shout-out on the Village Hall Facebook page; (ii) Your event gets highlighted in the main events listing; (iii) Featured events appear on the home page as well as get posted to the sidebar of the events page; (iv) There is a dedicated page to all featured events.
It costs £3 to feature an event. As a registered charity, all funds raised goes to the upkeep of the Village Hall. You can feature an event during the bookings process, or contact the Village Hall Manager.