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Amber Scott Yoga

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My roots are in Spain where I was born and brought up, spending my time surrounded by nature in the hills north of Seville. My family travelled extensively around India from when I was 5; it was here I got my first taste of the inspiration that would later draw me to the practice of yoga.

       Over the years, my mother practised with devotion and began to host yoga weeks in Spain with various fantastic teachers, one of whom started me off on my yoga journey as a teenager. Attending classes during these retreats, I was lucky to receive some wonderful instruction from different teachers visiting from London.

       I went on to cultivate a strong self-practice using books, primarily ´Light on Yoga’ by B.K.S Iyengar and ‘Asana, Pranayama, Mudra, Bandha’ from the Bihar School of Yoga. I learned for the first time how to breathe properly, and went to live in India, where I immersed myself deeply in self-practice.

       I underwent three years of training in the Thai healing tradition at the Healing Hands Centre in Kathmandu and continued to cultivate my self-practice. Through a daily course of Hatha Yoga I learnt the practice of yoga nidra that I continue to teach. On my return and at the request of friends and guests, I began to teach some students in the spirit of sharing my learning and knowledge.

       Years later in Rishikesh, I studied with Usha Devi, a strong teacher from the Iyengar tradition. On this trip I began to explore the teachings of Buddhism and on a ten day silent Buddhist retreat I had my first experience of teaching a group, leading a daily class aimed at preparing the body for long periods of sitting.

       Back in London I enrolled on a degree course in Sanskrit and the study of religions at SOAS, continued to teach private clients and worked as a massage therapist around the city.

       It was at this time that I started a family, and shortly after I met Ruth White with whom I did my yoga teacher training. Ruth taught me to hold back within the physical postures and this enabled me to cultivate a deeper awareness in my practice.

       Her method of teaching is called Karuna Yoga, the yoga of compassion. It is an adaptation of the rigorous Iyengar training she herself received; it is precise, clear and safe, all of which are qualities of teaching that I have adopted in my own teaching and for which I am deeply grateful.

       After many years training with Ruth I began to run my own retreats combining yoga and hill walking at my beloved family home in Spain, Trasierra.

       I have also followed my interest in healing through the therapeutic application of yoga. Over the past eight years I have been learning from another truly great teacher, Tias Little. Tias founded Prajna Yoga, a method that pays particular attention to the yoga of the subtle body.  The emphasis is on slowing down and cultivating sensory awareness to remove obstacles to freedom.

       In 2021 I graduated with a distinction from an M.A in the Traditions of Yoga & Meditation from SOAS University in London. My research was focused on the overlaps between Buddhist mindfulness, yoga and activism. This gave me the opportunity to read and write about the roots of this practice that has given me so much. Questioning our approach to yoga on the mat is adding a much-needed dimension to the practical works.

       I continue to run retreats, teach privately and locally, deepen my own practice and learn through my teaching. As often as possible I make my way back to India to absorb the immediacy of spiritual life.

       I feel so grateful to continue studying with these wonderful teachers and to explore and uncover the marvellous mysteries that make up this human being. It is for the reason that most of my classes are by donation and accessible to everyone. The universal aspect of practice is one to be highlighted not diminished.