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Films in Forest Row 2019-20

Welcome to the 2019-20 season of Films in Forest Row

Though we think all of our films are special, this season we have two very special events. The first is one of our famous silent film screenings with live music at the Forest Row Festival. This year we have chosen Show People (1928), a marvellous, light, and funny account of a young actress trying to make it in Hollywood.

Then, towards the end of the season we have a film and food event, with two films from each end of the career of the wonderful Agnès Varda, who died aged 90 in March 2019.

Several other screenings also mark the passing of other film legends; our opening film, Lucky, was the penultimate role of Harry Dean Stanton, and the beautiful Wings of Desire is screening in February around the anniversary of the death of the great Bruno Ganz.

As ever, we have a superb mix of the new and the old. Recent releases to highlight include: the Korean thriller Burning, based on a Murakami story and with echoes of Hitchcock; The Rider, which was the top-rated film at the main film society preview weekend; and the Icelandic Woman at War, which could have been made for Forest Row.

Older gems include Kevin Brownlow’s extraordinary Winstanley (1975) about the Diggers in the English Revolution, and Fear Eats the Soul (1978), one of the best films made by Fassbinder.

We hope there is something for everyone, and look forward to seeing you.