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Films in Forest Row 2021-2022

Over the summer of 2021 the Film Society committee considered the question of whether or not we should restart our regular screenings in the Village Hall. We also sought the opinion of people on our email list to our draft proposals. The response revealed a range of opinion; while most comments were very supportive, there were others who were less keen.

As a consequence, we have considered the matter very carefully and have decided that we will not be offering any screenings at all for the time being. We appreciate that this may be disappointing, and we’re sorry if this is the case, but we are very keen that we, as a committee of volunteers, are completely comfortable with all aspects of managing a public event at the present time.

We will be reviewing the situation from time to time and will restart our screenings at some point in the future. Thank you for all your support of the film society over the years and we look forward to seeing you again before too long.