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Nia in Forest Row





Maureen Summers

Nia classes have been taught in Forest Row since 2010 and are run by Maureen Summers, a fully trained and licensed Nia White belt teacher.

“I started doing Nia classes in 2012 when someone started to teach in my village. I loved it immediately as I had always loved to move and dance. That teacher moved away and eventually there was another and in between, and to do more, I did the ‘Global Unity’ DVD at home. Now it is me that is teaching in the village and I am enjoying it very much! Some students are already saying that it is changing their lives and it is changing mine too as I love teaching and also get a much more effective workout than when doing a DVD in my spare room…..so much more space and the 200% effort that one needs to make as a teacher! I also teach Maths part-time and help to look after my beloved grandchildren.”

For more information, please see our local website (link above), or visit nianow.com